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10 tourist spots in Da Nang should not be overlooked

Danang has many attractive tourist attractions that you should not miss when you come here. Do not miss any point when you have a chance to travel Da Nang – the most desirable city in Vietnam!

1. Han River Bridge

Da Nang can not fail to mention the romantic Han river and Han bridge – the first bridge in Vietnam, by the city people contribute a lot of money to build. The bridge is built on the main axis of Bach Dang street, connecting Hai Chau district with Son Tra district. Every evening, the beautiful Han river bridge shines brightly between the young city of Da Nang.

At about 0:30 every day, the middle of the bridge Han River rotated 90 degrees around the axis, located along the river flow, opened the way for large ships to pass, about 3 hours 30 bridge will return to the same. Cool by the Han River and waiting for the moment of shooting is the pleasures of many local people as well as tourists, giving them emotional excitement, hard recovery. So many people said that “not looking at the Han River bridge is not to Da Nang”.

2. Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra is the name of a mushroom-shaped peninsula in Son Tra district, located 10 km north of Da Nang city center. To visit Son Tra, visitors are “up forest, go to sea”, experience activities such as exploring Son Tra old forest; swimming at My Khe beach, Bai beach; fishing with fishermen, scuba diving; visit Tien Sa lighthouse; Visiting Linh Ung Pagoda and panoramic view of Da Nang city from Son Tra peak; to Mui Nghe – the first sunrise of Da Nang…

3. Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is 20 km long, located in the middle of Thua Thien Hue Province and Da Nang City. With a height of nearly 500m above sea level, Hai Van Pass is known as the most beautiful and most dangerous pass in Vietnam. From the peak of Hai Van pass, impressive scenery of the beautiful coastline of the country appears. The picturesque Lang Co fishing village, the modern city of Da Nang by the Han River, Son Tra mountain around the clouds, white sand beach of Non Nuoc beach, boulders of Ngu Hanh Son … Although there are Hai Van tunnel, many tourists still go over the mountain pass with high mountains, deep pool to be able to see the pictures as well.

4. Ngu Hanh Son

The center of Da Nang city about 7km, located in Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, adjacent to Non Nuoc tourist area, Ngu Hanh Son is the rocky mountain (Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son and Tho paint) looks like the boulders emerging between an immense sand dunes, all year round waves under the feet. To Ngu Hanh Son, travelers usually come to the mountain of Thuy Son, Tam Thai pagoda, the Huyen Khong cave, Linh Nham cave, Van Thong cave, Lang Hu cave, Van Nguyet cave … Non Water with stone carvings is hand crafted by local artisans.

5. Non Nuoc stone carving village

The village was established in the 18th century by the Thanh Hoa artisan named Huynh Ba Quat. In the 19th century, the whole village lived in this profession. In Non Nuoc, marble handicraft products are quite rich such as: statue of Buddha, statue, statue of man, animal statue, smooth stone bracelets full of carved color, sophisticated … To Ngu Hanh Son, visitors can see the artisans making beautiful works from natural stone, then freely choose the stone souvenirs for relatives.

6. Ba Na Mountain

Ba Na mountain lies in Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, 40 km southwest of Da Nang. Ba Na has great ecological and tourism values, a National Nature Reserve. In Ba Na, with an elevation of 1489m above sea level, visitors will feel four distinct seasons in one day: Morning – Spring, Mid – afternoon, Autumn – Evening, and always dry. Rainy. From the top of the mountain, visitors can cover an immense space: the sea, Da Nang city, green rice fields to the horizon … Come here, You should not ignore the places such as Linh Ung Pagoda with 27m high statue of the Brahmin, Suoi Mo clear water, summer with Toc Tien waterfall…

This time also attracts tourists to Da Nang by Fantasy Park to meet the entertainment needs of all ages, from fun games for children to challenging games. Strong for young people and adults. Not only that, you can find here three main dining areas serving European and Asian dishes and a souvenir shop with a full range of products of various types.

The park, located within the Ba Na Hills Resort and Holiday Resort, is the only indoor recreation area in Vietnam and is located on the mountain peak (Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort – Ba Nui Chua). You will have the opportunity to experience exciting new moments with relatives and friends.

7. Pham Van Dong Beach

Phuoc My ward, Son Tra district, at the East Sea Park, this is a public beach built with a budget of 12 billion is a place to attract local residents and tourists everywhere. The beach has an area of ​​7,726m2, with auxiliary facilities such as a fountain, 6 fresh water reservoirs, 26 shower lines, 24 composite dressing rooms. Beach parties can serve from 3,500 to 4,000 people to bathe every day.

8. Ran Nam O

The center of Nam O village (Hoa Hiep Nam ward, Lien Chieu district, Da Nang – between Da Nang and Hai Van pass) is about 2km to the south east with a reef, fishermen in the area called Nam O reef. Nam Oo is rich in algae and is home to many species of fish and seafood. According to the experience of the local people, should visit the reefs of Nam Oo should come at the time of tide down because the beach is exposed to sandy beaches, rocks are very beautiful. After visiting the Nam O Reef, visitors can take a boat back to the West along the Cu De River, make an ecological tour, visit the village of Ka-Tu in Hoa Bac commune, Hoa Vang district.

9. Cam Ne Cinema

4 km southwest of Da Nang city, Cam Ne village, Hoa Tien commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city. This place has long been famous for the traditional flower type, was present in the Nguyen Dynasty during the reign. Advantages of the projection of ban ne is thicker, more durable, lying more smooth than the projection of other provinces. Especially hot summer, on the Cam Ne mats will feel cool, and in the winter radiate warmth together with aromatic grass pastures. Currently, a pair of screen size 1.6m x 2m is priced at 500,000VND.

10. The ancient village of Tuy Loan

Tuy Loan ancient village is located in the southwest, about 15km from the center of Da Nang city, along National Highway 14 B. According to remnants, the old village of Tuy Loan is over 500 years old, has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture as a national historical and architectural monument. Tan Loan Festival takes place on January 9, you will be participating in the boat race special characteristics of the village and then participate in folk games such as push sticks, chess, chess, hear the song , singing drum response … To the ancient village of Tuy Loan, visitors should not miss the opportunity to taste specialty rice paper and Quang noodle near the song near the sentence that: “Taiwan Loan hundred good / Medium lest my husband stop asking! “.

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